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Exeter Climate Choir

Singing is everyone’s natural instrument and everyone can benefit from

the physical and psychological uplift that singing gives, reducing stress

and muscle tension while releasing natural endorphins. Singing together

is known to take the benefits up a notch and singing outdoors in the

stunning scenery of the Alps is definitely a recipe for a restorative,

energising, and calming wellbeing boost.

Tess Read has been running acappella groups for over 10 years and

teaches music with the Hungarian method of learning all music through


Open to people at all levels of musical ability and appreciation. No need

to read music, all learning will take place without musical scores.

I love to explore harmony, song, rhythm and adore the feeling when a group of

people sing together and experience the music we create in the space around us

and also deep within ourselves. That feeling of being held within the sound, in that

space, with that group of people and experiencing the music we create. It’s truly

magical. Singing, sound, song, breath, and harmony all work together and create

energy for our spirit and music for the soul.

Musical enjoyment and appreciation is a part of almost all of us. And whether we

play an instrument or not, almost all of us have our own musical instrument - our

voice. Just as it is instinctive for babies to vocalise, so it is natural for babies,

children, adults to create music with our voices. I like to harness this instinctive

approach to music, rhythm and pitch as well as take the time to craft what we all

experience as a beautiful sound.

Singing and harmonising together, feeling the sound and loving the music we create

– there’s nothing better!

For further details of the Climate Choir Movement, visit


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